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Chandigarh Academy of Digital Learning (CADL) Payment Refund Policy

Chandigarh Academy of Digital Learning (CADL) is committed to providing high-quality IT training and career support to our students. We understand that circumstances may arise where a student may need to request a refund for their course fees. This policy outlines the terms and conditions under which CADL will process refund requests.

Full Refund:

  • Course cancellation by CADL due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Student is unable to attend the course due to documented medical reasons.
  • Student is not satisfied with the course content or delivery within the first 7 days of enrollment (subject to attending all scheduled sessions and completing assigned work).

Partial Refund (70%):

  • Course withdrawal by student after attending more than 7 days of sessions and completing assigned work.
  • Student secures a job within 3 months of course completion and notifies CADL within 1 week of joining the job.
  • Student is unable to attend the course due to visa issues or documented personal emergencies.

No Refund:

  • Course withdrawal by student after attending more than 50% of the sessions.
  • Failure to complete assigned work or meet course attendance requirements.
  • Student dissatisfaction with the course due to personal reasons not related to content or delivery.
  • Payment disputes or chargebacks.

Refund Process:

To request a refund, students must submit a written request to CADL within 30 days of the refund eligibility event. The request should include:

  • Student name and contact information
  • Course name and enrollment date
  • Reason for requesting a refund
  • Supporting documentation (if applicable)

CADL will review the refund request within 15 business days and contact the student with a decision. If the refund is approved, the payment will be processed within 30 business days.

Online Payment System:

For online payments, refunds will be processed through the same payment gateway used for the original transaction. Depending on the gateway, the refund may take 5-10 business days to reflect in the student's account.

Additional Notes:

  • This policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  • Any questions or concerns regarding the refund policy should be directed to CADL administration.

Contact Information: | +91-9501761796

We encourage you to carefully review this policy before enrolling in any CADL course. We are committed to providing our students with the best possible learning experience and will work with you to find a solution in case of any unforeseen circumstances.